Model Domain

The model domain extends from Cape Cod, MA southward to Cape Hatteras, NC, and from the coast to beyond the shelf break and shelf/slope front with 5-km horizontal resolution and 36 terrain following vertical levels. Incremental, strong constraint, 4-dimensional variational (4DVAR) data assimilation (Moore et al. 2011) is used to update the model state at regular intervals.

The model equations are satisfied exactly over the assimilation interval, so the model physics are said to enter as a strong constraint on the solution (Zavala-Garay et al., 2012a). Here we use a 3-day analysis interval, this having been shown to perform well in a similarly configured prototype system for the New York Bight (Zhang et al., 2010).

The data assimilated were sea surface temperature (SST), observed in cloud free pixels of individual AVHRR satellite passes (approximately 4 passes per day), a daily composite SST analysis formed from infrared and microwave satellite images, along track satellite altimeter sea surface height (SSH) anomalies, and a 3-dimensional, monthly climatological analysis of in situ hydrographic temperature and salinity observations.

QuaFEL research areas


Blue crab ecology

Multispecies interactions

Fisheries Oceanography

Elasmobranch ecology


Last revised: 1/18/2016