Lattitudinal patterns in Atlantic menhaden populations

Atlantic menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus, is an abundant, schooling pelagic fish that is widely distributed in the coastal Northwest Atlantic. It supports the largest single-species fishery by volume on the east coast of the USA. However, relatively little is known about factors that control recruitment. But fisheries and environmental variables likely act regionally on recruitments. To better understand spatial and temporal variability in recruitment, fishery-independent time-series (1959-2013) of young of year abundance indices from the Mid-Atlantic to Southern New England were analysed using dynamic factor analysis and generalized additive models.

Once again, our analyses indicated the importance of Cape Hatteras, NC as an important dividing line regulation population connectivity. AMO was the best single predictor of coast wide recruitment patterns. For more detail see Buchheister et al. 2016

Last revised: 4/3/2017