Workshop 1

The first in a series of workshops to develop a Delaware Bay Fishery Ecosystem model was held in Vineland, NJ on Oct 18-19, 2004. The woskhop goals were to:

  • Introduce EwE and present examples of application of EwE to the management and understanding of ecosystems.
  • Identify key model groups/species in the Delaware estuary that significantly contribute to ecosystem production and are of management concern.
  • Identify sources of available data to construct a working ecosystem model for the Delaware estuary.
  • Rank research and management questions that could be addressed with an Delaware Estuary Fishery Ecosystem Model

Twenty scientists from regional agencies and universities attended the workshop. Workshop participants discussed and refined the project goal of developing estimates of losses and gains to the Delaware Bay system in equivalent biomass units. Two principal products were generated as a result of discussions.

  • Prototype description of the food web of Delaware Bay with particular reference to marsh - bay linkages
  • List of management questions for which the final EwE model may provide insight.

You can contact all those who attended the workshop, or who expressed interest by sending an email to

The project team committed to a follow-up workshop, likely in late March or early April 2005 to present results of the balanced food web and to begin to explore system dynamics.

For questions or further information please contact Dr. Mike Frisk

Management questions


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