Graduate Education

Although CBL is principally a research-oriented institution, we have a strong educational mission. Students at CBL are enrolled principally in the Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Science graduate program at UM-College Park. This is the largest graduate program within UMCP. By its very nature it is an interdisciplinary program drawing students with interests from geochemistry to aquaculture. I am responsible for several courses within the MEES program.

You will have already seen the range of research that the students in my group conduct. The areas of research in which they are involved largely reflect my own. If you are interested in finding out more about the potential opportunities for conducting graduate work under my supervision, follow the link to the graduate applications page.

Graduate Applications for 2014

Information on the MEES Program

Dr. Tom Miller is involved in teaching the following courses through the MEES program:

Last revised: 7/17/2013