40th Annual Larval Fish Conference

Solomons, MD

June 19 -23, 2016

Carryover of early life phenotypes to population dynamics

Session Convener: Dave Secor and Tom Miller, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, UMCES, Solomons MD

Session description: The complex life cycles of fishes convey carryover effects, wherein recruitment, migration, and population dynamics are sensitive to early life history environments and associated phenotypes. Molecular and chemical tracers, otolith microstructure analysis, and telemetry permit early conditions and traits to be retrospectively analyzed against the demographic fates of individuals and populations. Simulation models can demonstrate the carryover of early life conditions to later life history and population outcomes. This session invites contributions, both empirical and modeling, which show how both subtle and overt divergence in early life history phenotypes conveys to later life history outcomes and population dynamics.

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Getting in touch

The conference is being organized by Tom Miller and Dave Secor at CBL. The conference email address is LFC2016@cbl.umces.edu - and this is the best way of getting in touch with us.