40th Annual Larval Fish Conference

Solomons, MD

June 19 -23, 2016

Larval Dispersal

Session Convener: Elizabeth North, Univ. Maryland; Ed Rutherford, NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory; Ed Roseman, USGS-Great Lales Science Center.

Session description: Variable success of larval dispersal from source to settlement is a major determinant of fish population connectivity and dynamics, with implications for fish conservation and management. Recent studies on larval dispersal have benefitted from advances in genetics, stable isotope geochemistry, behavioral ecology and biophysical modelling to improve understanding of how and where larvae disperse and settle, their sources of mortality, and subsequent effects on recruitment variability. In this session, we invite contributions on factors affecting larval dispersal in marine and freshwater environments. In particular, we welcome studies that address spatio-temporal scales of larval dispersal and population connectivity, larvae behavior, and applications for management.

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Getting in touch

The conference is being organized by Tom Miller and Dave Secor at CBL. The conference email address is LFC2016@cbl.umces.edu - and this is the best way of getting in touch with us.