Chesapeake Ecotox Research Program

QuaFEL's ecotoxicology research is part of a large multidisciplinary, multi-institutional project examining the individual-level and population-level responses of aquatic organisms to contaminated sediments that contain mixtures of organic and inorganic stressors. The NOAA-funded project, termed CERP, is using the common estuarine amphipod Leptocheirus plumulosus and the fish Fundulus heterclitis as model species. Experiments have involved exposing both species to gradients of contaminated sediments in mesocosm scale experiments. We are particularly interested in quantifying the production and population dynamics of both species.

Our recent results are available in our annual report and a recent presentation at the American Fisheries Society

QuaFEL research areas


Blue crab ecology

Multispecies interactions

Fisheries Oceanography

Elasmobranch ecology


Last revised: 4/3/2015