Former QuaFEL members


Graduate Students:

  • Larry Alade. PhD. Effects of yellowtail flounder stock structure on assessment of abundance and population dynamics. May 2008. Now at the NEFSC in Woods Hole, and adjunct faculty at UMES
  • Laurie Bauer, MS. Winter mortality of the blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) in the Chesapeake Bay. Dec 2005. Now at the NOAA-Biogeography Branch.
  • Karyl K. Brewster-Geisz. MS. The effect of various management strategies on the recovery of the sandbar shark (Carcharinus plumbeus): implications from stage-based and yield per recruit models. December 2000. Now at the Highly Migratory Species division at NMFS
  • Bryce J. Brylawski. MS. The individual-based growth modeling of the Chesapeake Bay blue crab (Callinectes sapidus Rathburn). May 2002. Ph.D. at VIMS. Now an assistant professoer at Albright College.
  • Veronica Caceres Chomorro. MS. The effects of small scale turbulence in the feeding ecology and swimming speed of fathead minnow larvae (Pimephales promelas), inland silverside larvae (Menidia beryllina) and the lobate ctenophore (Mnemiopsis leidyi). May 2001. Now at the Central American FAO in El Salvador
  • Mary A. Chenery. MS. Population dynamics of blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) in the Hudson River, New York. December 2002. Now an RN in Northern Virginia
  • Jessica Coakley. MS. Growth of Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, in Chesapeake Bay. May 2004. Now Fishery Management Plan Coordinator with Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council
  • Kiersten Curti. MS. Patterns in the distribution, diet and trophic demand of hte hogchoker, Trinectes maculatus, in the Chesapeake Bay, USA. Oct 2004. PhD at URI - recipicient of a NMFS/ SG fellowship in population dynamics . Now at the NEFSC
  • Edith A. Evarts. MS. Analysis of juvenile striped bass, Morone saxatilis, abundance and growth in the Nanticoke River, Maryland using otolith back-calculation methods. May 2001. Now working at Minnesota DNR
  • Michael G. Frisk. PhD. Biology, life history and conservation of elasmobranchs with and emphasis on western Atlantic skates. Sept 2004. NMFS/ SG fellows in population dynamics . Associate Prof ressor at Stony Brook.
  • Christopher J. Heyer. MS. Understanding maternal effects as a recruitment mechanism in Lake Michigan Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens). May 2000. Now working
  • Olaf Jensen. MS. Spatial ecology of blue crab (Callinectes spaidus) in Chesapeake Bay. July 2004. PhD. Univ. Wisconis, Smith Fellow at University of Washington. Now assistant professor at Rutgers
  • Matthew Kendall. PhD. Influence of map resolution on seascape ecology on reef fish. December 2008. Now working at the NOAA Biogeography Branch.
  • Janet Nye. PhD. Bioenergetic and ecological consequences of diet variability in Atlantic croaker Micropognias undulatus in Chesapeake Bay. May 2008. Now an Assistant Professor at Stony Brook
  • Adam Peer, PhD.

Research Assistants

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